Mastering Error Message Handling with the Formidable Forms Validate Entry Hook


In the ever-evolving world of technology and gadgets, finding efficient ways to handle error messages is crucial for smooth user experiences. In our latest episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed, host Tom dives deep into the Formidable Forms Validate Entry Hook, uncovering the power it holds in managing error message handling. Join us as we decode this formidable tool and explore its practical applications.

Setting the Stage:

Tom begins the episode by providing examples of a basic form that includes a name and phone number field. He swiftly demonstrates how Formidable Forms Form Builder allows for required field validation, showcasing error messages for both field omission and incorrect phone number formatting.

Enter Woody ad snippets:

To streamline the process of adding filters without delving into PHP backends, Tom introduces us to Woody ad snippets, a valuable software for implementing filters effectively. This software enables users to easily maneuver through settings and customize error message handling based on specific needs, ensuring smooth user interactions.

Disabling Error Messages:

Moving further into the episode, Tom explains how to disable error messages in certain situations. This may be desirable, especially when dealing with confidential data. Through a PHP snippet called “Frm_Validate _Entry” with the function “validate_my_form,” listeners learn how to disable all error messages, granting them greater control over the validation process.

Understanding the Validate Entry Hook:

With the basics covered, Tom shifts focus to the validate entry hook’s role in handling error messages. This powerful tool assists in managing and customizing error messages within Formidable Forms. As an example, Tom creates a standard form called “error message demo” to exemplify the practical applications of this hook.

Customizing Error Message Handling:

Tom delves into the various methods available to handle error messages caused by the validate entry hook. These options include displaying error messages, overriding default messages, and more. By providing examples and exploring different scenarios, Tom empowers listeners to tailor their error message handling strategies to meet their unique requirements.

Implementing Error Message Customization:

In a step-by-step manner, Tom guides listeners on how to modify error messages by utilizing the Frm_Validate_Entry filter. He highlights a crucial checkbox in the process, demonstrating how it can be used to ensure certain fields can go through without requiring user input. This technique grants users a greater degree of control over the validation process in their forms.

Identifying the Form ID:

To implement the necessary changes, Tom enlightens listeners on how to locate the form ID within the formidable plugin. By navigating to the forms section in the formidable plugin, users can effortlessly find the essential form ID needed to modify error messages effectively. Tom reinforces the process, leaving no room for confusion.

Disabling Errors and Validation:

Tom shares expert tips on disabling errors and validation in a form — a technique that is not commonly employed but proves invaluable in specific use cases. By setting the form to nothing, users can return an empty array, effectively preventing any error messages from appearing. This approach is ideal for situations where error messages may hinder specific workflows.

Embracing the Art of Simplification:

In closing, Tom emphasizes the simplicity of the Formidable Forms Validate Entry Hook and encourages listeners to implement this powerful tool in their projects. By disabling errors and validation in their forms, users can create seamless user experiences that ensure effortless form submission.


In this episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed, we’ve unraveled the potential of the Formidable Forms Validate Entry Hook for efficient error message handling. With Woody ad snippets as an ally, listeners can customize and manage error messages effortlessly. The power to disable errors and validation, as showcased by Tom, opens up new possibilities for tailored user experiences. Armed with this knowledge, we invite you to explore the Formidable Forms Validate Entry Hook and revolutionize your error message handling strategies.

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