The GoPro Clamp Mount and Gooseneck – Unleash Your Filmmaking Potential In 2023


In this episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed, Tom dives into the popular GoPro clamp mount with gooseneck. Tom explores the versatility of this mount as it can be attached to various items like kayaks and mountain bikes. He shares his personal experiences of using the clamp mount on his truck and while on the trail, even detailing how it can be attached to a backpack.

Compatibility is not an issue as it works with all GoPro cameras and can be attached to objects ranging from a quarter of an inch to two inches. Tom praises the mount’s grip and solidity, finding its adjustable nature particularly appealing.

He demonstrates the different positions and uses of the mount, with or without the gooseneck, including high and low filming perspectives.

Exciting footage is shared, showcasing the mount’s ability to create a cinematic feel and provide smooth stabilization, even when mounted on a moving vehicle. The durability of the mount is emphasized, with Tom noting he has used it for four years without any issues, despite subjecting it to rough treatment. Overall, this episode highlights the various capabilities and advantages of the GoPro clamp mount with gooseneck, making it a must-have accessory for any GoPro user.

The Versatile and Solid GoPro Clamp Mount:

Tom, wearing stones and a blue jays hat, first highlights the GoPro Clamp Mount’s versatility. This accessory is compatible with all GoPro cameras and can be attached to objects ranging from a quarter of an inch to two inches in size. From mountain bikes to kayaks, Tom explains how this clamp mount adds a new dimension to capturing action-packed footage.

The Gooseneck: Adding Flexibility and Functionality:

Adding to the versatility of the clamp mount, Tom introduces the Gooseneck attachment. With its adjustable design, the Gooseneck allows filmmakers to achieve various shooting angles, providing a cinematic experience. Whether you want a high or low perspective, this combination gives you the flexibility to adapt to any situation.

Capturing the Action:

Tom demonstrates the GoPro Clamp Mount and Gooseneck in action, starting with footage from their jeep. Mounted on the rear of the vehicle, the GoPro camera captures smooth imagery even when driving on bumpy dirt roads at high speeds. The stability of the mount is impressive, leaving filmmakers free to focus on the adventure at hand.

Next, Tom shows how they use the mount during a thrilling mountain bike ride. Secured on the crossbar, the GoPro camera captures immersive footage, truly putting viewers in the heart of the action. From fast descents to sweeping turns, the GoPro Clamp Mount and Gooseneck ensure every moment is captured with precision.

Durability and Reliability:

One aspect that truly impressed Tom is the durability of the GoPro Clamp Mount. Despite being subjected to rough treatment, including being tossed and dumped, this accessory remains in excellent condition. The mount’s solid construction and robust design ensure it can withstand the demands of any adventure.

Unleash Your Filmmaking Potential:

The GoPro Clamp Mount and Gooseneck combination empower filmmakers to unleash their creativity. From attaching the camera to a backpack for scenic hikes to capturing smooth shots from a kayak’s gunnel, the possibilities are endless. Tom concludes by emphasizing how this accessory elevates the overall filmmaking experience, providing stability, versatility, and convenience.


In this episode, we explored the GoPro Clamp Mount with Gooseneck and witnessed its exceptional performance in various scenarios. Whether it’s off-roading in a jeep, tearing down mountain bike trails, or pursuing other adrenaline-filled adventures, this accessory is a must-have for any filmmaker or adventure enthusiast.
So, why settle for ordinary footage when you can capture extraordinary moments? The GoPro Clamp Mount with Gooseneck is the perfect tool to unlock your filmmaking potential. Stay tuned for more exciting tech and gadget reviews in our next episode!

Watch the full episode below:

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