Mastering Audio Mixing with Alex Audio Butler and Era 5 Noise Reduction


Welcome back to another episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed! In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of audio mixing and editing. Join us as we explore the powerful tools of Alex Audio Butler and Era 5 Noise Reduction, and discover how these amazing software plugins can revolutionize your audio production process. So, let’s get started!

Exploring the Software Platform:

Our host, Tom, starts off by demonstrating how to work with audio tracks in his preferred software platform, DaVinci Resolve. He imports a music track, a sound effect, and sets up a separate audio track for voice recording. Tom’s meticulous approach ensures that each element of the audio mix receives the attention it deserves.

Managing the Audio Elements:

Tom begins by playing the music track and adding the sound effect at a specific point to enhance the overall audio experience. To demonstrate a specific technique in a smaller clip, he decides to cut the audio track accordingly without compromising the intended impact. This attention to detail showcases the importance of precision in audio editing.

Utilizing Alex Audio Butler:

Tom then introduces us to the remarkable Alex Audio Butler, a tool that automates the audio mixing process. He explains that by clicking on the plus sign under “Effects” and selecting “Tools VST,” users can easily access the Alex Voice Audio Butler and Alex Sound Effects Audio Butler. Through these plugins, sound engineers can achieve seamless audio mixing without any user intervention, saving valuable time and effort.

Banishing Noise with Era 5 Noise Reduction:

Tom encounters a challenge when he notices some background noise during his voice recording. Thankfully, he introduces us to the Era 5 Noise Reduction plugin, which effectively eliminates unwanted noise without compromising the audio quality. By selecting the Noise Reduction VST and choosing the Voiceover Cleanup option, Tom demonstrates how the noise disappears instantly, resulting in a clean and crisp recording.

Optimizing Vocal Tracks:

Moving forward, Tom shares his process for recording vocal tracks. He highlights the importance of muting other tracks to avoid echo and to ensure clarity in the final audio mix. He even emphasizes the significance of pausing during the recording process to further mitigate any potential echo effects. After successfully recording the vocal track, Tom plays it for the listeners, noting that while the vocals may be faint, they are present and ready for enhancement.

Mastering Audio with Alex Audio Butler:

Tom then proceeds to show the functionality of Alex Audio Butler in action. Utilizing the tool’s artificial intelligence capabilities, the software automatically mixes the audio tracks without any user intervention. This innovative feature proves to be a game-changer, as it eliminates the need for tedious manual adjustments while delivering professional results.

Additional Enhancements with Era 5:

As an added bonus, Tom introduces us to Era 5, another set of plugins that he finds invaluable. These plugins complement Alex Audio Butler by offering additional audio cleanup and enhancement features. The Era 5 plugins provide users with even more options to optimize their audio tracks, ensuring top-notch quality in every recording.


In this episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed, we delved into the world of audio mixing and editing, exploring the powerful tools of Alex Audio Butler and Era 5 Noise Reduction. We witnessed how these software plugins can simplify and enhance the audio production process, delivering outstanding results effortlessly.

Whether you are an aspiring podcaster, a content creator, or an audio enthusiast, incorporating these tools into your workflow can elevate the quality of your productions. By harnessing the capabilities of Alex Audio Butler and Era 5 Noise Reduction, you can achieve professional audio mixes that are both polished and pristine.

Join us in the next episode as we continue to uncover the latest tech and gadgets that are shaping the world of audio and beyond. Until then, happy mixing, and happy podcasting!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this episode are solely those of the host. Features and functionality mentioned may be specific to the software platform mentioned and may vary on other platforms.

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