The Best WordPress Forms Plugin in 2023: Discover the Power of Formidable Forms


In this episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed, join host Tom as he delves into the functionality and potential of Formidable Forms as a WordPress forms plugin.

Tom highlights the key features of Formidable Forms, including the ability to create posts, register users, and choose from a variety of templates. He emphasizes the plugin’s flexibility, noting that with the use of PHP snippets, users can extend its capabilities even further.

While praising the solid base functionality of Formidable, Tom acknowledges that there may be times when users desire additional features from the plugin. Fortunately, Formidable Forms offers an array of powerful add-ons, such as Formidable Forms Pro, integration with Active Campaign and Authorizenet for accepting payments, integration with AWeber for email marketing, and even options for adding bootstrap styling or modals.

Tom explains how Formidable Forms enables users to create customizable views, such as a satisfaction report based on feedback form responses. Offering insights into the plugin’s versatility, he demonstrates how unnecessary WordPress options can be minimized to focus on customization.

Tom also explores the various settings and customization options available for the feedback form, including the ability to customize the confirmation message after submitting the form. Furthermore, Tom discusses the wide range of add-ons that can enhance Formidable Forms’ functionality, including integration with WooCommerce for e-commerce websites. Sharing his personal experiences with the product, he highly recommends its usage for developing both simple websites and complex web applications.

In addition to discussing the Formidable plugin, Tom shares his own experience of purchasing a phone and the convenience of using the form to provide feedback. While expressing overall satisfaction with the process, he humorously notes that receiving a non-dead phone on the first attempt would be appreciated.

Tom explores the flexibility and convenience of Formidable, highlighting the ability to view form entries and create customized reports. Join Tom on this enlightening episode of Tech and Gadgets Reviewed to discover the immense potential and possibilities of Formidable Forms as a WordPress forms plugin.

Learn how to harness its customization and extension capabilities, create powerful forms, and gather valuable feedback with ease. Don’t miss out on this informative podcast episode!

Unleashing the Potential of Formidable Forms:

Formidable is a game-changer in the arena of WordPress Forms plugins, offering an array of powerful features designed to enhance the functionality and usability of your website. Tom highlights some key features, including the ability to create posts, register users, and choose from a vast range of templates. This flexibility makes Formidable Forms an ideal choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

While the basic functionality of Formidable Forms is impressive, the real magic lies in its ability to be extended with PHP snippets, opening up a whole universe of possibilities for users looking to enhance their forms even further. With Formidable Forms, you can create remarkable reports and other forms that gather crucial data for your business.

The Versatility of Add-ons for the best WordPress form builder:

Formidable offers a range of add-ons that seamlessly integrate with the plugin, extending its reach and functionality. These add-ons include Formidable Pro, Active Campaign integration for payment acceptance, AWeber integration for email marketing, and options for adding bootstrap styling or modals to enhance the visual appeal of your forms. Formidable Forms also provides seamless integration with campaign monitors, constant contact, and offers additional date picker options.

Crafting Customized Views Using This WordPress Forms Plugin:

Formidable allows users to create customizable views, enabling them to extract meaningful insights from the data collected through their forms. Tom takes us through the process of creating views and explains how the plugin’s intuitive interface allows users to select specific fields they want to include in the view. This feature empowers businesses to generate detailed reports, such as a satisfaction report based on customer feedback, helping them make critical business decisions.

Real-Life Examples and Experiences:

To demonstrate this WordPress forms plugin’s functionality, Tom shares his own experiences with Formidable. He recounts purchasing a phone and highlights some areas where his experience fell short. Tom praises the flexibility and convenience of the Formidable WordPress forms plugin, explaining how it allowed him to view the entries made and gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels.

Creating a Seamless Experience:

Formidable enables businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences by streamlining their online processes. Tom guides listeners on how to create a customized form easily by selecting a predefined template and defining specific form fields. The intuitive interface allows users to create forms tailored to their unique requirements while maintaining brand consistency.


Formidable has revolutionized the way businesses approach WordPress forms plugin creation, management, and data analysis. With its extensive features, flexibility, and integration options, this powerful plugin caters to the needs of novice users and seasoned developers alike. As Tom concludes the episode, he encourages everyone to explore the endless possibilities that Formidable Forms offers, making it an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes.

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