The Best WordPress Forms Plugin for 2021 and Beyond – Formidable Forms

You’ve been wondering how to build a great website?

Well, today I’m going to give you a brief overview of the Best WordPress Forms Plugin, Formidable Forms.

So, what exactly is Formidable Forms?

Well, Formidable Forms is a wordpress forms plugin that actually allows you to define and create forms. It also allows you to do a heck of a lot more than that.

It has the ability to actually do custom programming with it. It also allows you to keep track of each form that’s submitted. It allows you to make posts in WordPress. It allows you to register users, and there’s a number of different types of templates that you can also choose from to get you started.

One of the things that I love about Formidable Forms is the fact that I can actually extend all this functionality quite easily. And, if you have any knowledge of PHP, you can install certain snippets in here and stuff, that will allow you to actually do a heck of a lot more than just the base functionality with Formidable Forms.

Now, the base functionality of Formidable Forms is quite good, but there are times where you’re going to want to be able to do something extra with it.

So, in these instances, I find that Formidable Forms has built in a series of hooks and filters and if you don’t know what hooks and filters are, just ask in the comments and I’ll try and explain.

But, it allows me to actually develop with those hooks and filters and extend upon the functionality quite easily. And they have really done a great job.

I’m going to go through some basic stuff, but we will not get into the hooks and filters in this video. I will produce another video later on that shows how easy that actually is.

Okay, so, let’s create a form.

What we’ll do first is we’ll choose one of their default templates here. So, let’s go for something, I don’t know, let’s say we just want some feedback from somebody. So, we want Customer Feedback.

It’s as simple as clicking on the Customer Feedback template and then clicking on Create. And, what’s going to happen is that it’s actually created and defined a form.

Now, one of the really cool things about Formidable Forms, is that aside from these templates, you can actually build your own forms because if you notice on the side here, you’ve got all these different types of fields that you can pull into your actual form.

So, to give you good example, let’s preview this form.

So, we’ll preview in the Theme and you’ll see that right now what’s happened is, it’s created this form where they’re saying, “Are you satisfied? So on and so forth? And, what did you buy?”

So, I’m going to say, I bought a television and why did I buy it?

Well, “Because my other one burned out.”

And how satisfied were you with the following aspects of what you bought?

So, I’m just going to say, I was very satisfied with everything, it was good.

And you can see that it’s just letting you do a feedback form.

And, I can go in here and I can say, would I buy something again. I answer, definitely and when I submit that form, it’s going to come back and say, “Your responses were successfully submitted.”

So, what’s interesting about this now is that, if you notice up at the top here, you’ve got different settings, you get entries and you have what they called Views.

So, we’ll get into the Views in a minute.

But the Settings, if you’ve seen that little message that said, “Your form has been submitted.”, Well, they’ve thought about all this kind of stuff.

So, let’s put, “We will be in touch soon.” Okay? And we’ll update that.

And now you’ll notice that if I go and I preview the form and I can say, okay, I bought a phone, “It was dead.” And we’ll say that we were pretty satisfied, all the way along.

And how can we improve it? Let’s say, “Give me one that isn’t dead the first time”

So, I’m gonna submit that what you’re gonna notice now, is it says, “We will be in touch soon”.

So, you can see there’s a lot of flexibility but what’s really nice is that you can go into the Entries and you can see the Entries that were actually made.

And there it is, you can see each of them here and you can see whether they were satisfied and so on and so forth.

Now, what’s even more interesting about Formidable Forms is that, you can create what they call a view.

So, I’m going to create a view here, on the Customer Feedback form and if I add one in here and I say, okay I want to create a view and we’re gonna say, we’re just gonna call it Report, okay?

So, our Satisfaction Report.

And it’s gonna be from the feedback, we’re gonna get all the entries. And you’ll notice over here on the side, if I go into here and I click, this is where all the different fields are that we chose from.

Let’s say, “Item purchased” and we just simply click on this and put a little tag with 79 there.

“Why purchase?” And we’ll go like this and we’ll just click on here and say 80.

You get the idea.

So, you can actually create your own report. is that, if I want to, I’m gonna publish that see what it looks like by cliking on preview and choosing theme.

So, what you’re gonna see now is that, it came up in the Satisfaction Report.

What’s even nicer about this though, is that, if I wanted to add a page in here and just call it, Customer Report. Then, I can click on the Formidable button here and I can say, okay I wanna insert a view, my Satisfaction Report and I want it inserted into this post.

And then I can set up all my security as if it’s a normal page on my site. And when I publish that page, now, for yourself or if you designed it for customers you can actually see this on your website.

So, it becomes an actual page on your website.

So, you can see how you can easily build a lot of stuff with Formidable Forms.

This is some of the best technology out there, as far as I’m concerned, for building reports and forms.

The other thing that’s really, really nice about Formidable Forms is that they’ve got all these add-ons, okay?

So, for instance, you can see that you can add in Formidable Forms Pro.

I’m just showing you the basic stuff here. Formidable Forms Pro goes way beyond.

You can also integrate with Active Campaign, or Authorized net, if you want to take payments, AWeber, which is a great email marketing service, you can add in Bootstrap styling or Bootstrap modal. So, modals are the little dialogues that popup.

Campaign Monitors, Constant Contact, add more Datepicker Options.

There’s tons of add-ons for this right off the bat.

You can integrate with WooCommerce, so that, you can actually have a full-blown e-Commerce website.

There is no end to what you can do with Formidable Forms. And, this is exactly why I really, really, really love this product and say it is the best wordpress forms plugin.

You can buy Formidable Forms Pro here: Formidable Forms

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