LED Studio Lights 2021 Review – It’s Awesome

Today I am doing a LED Studio Lights 2021 Review, specifically the Neweer LED Photo Studio light.

This thing’s fantastic.

I’ve have three of them that I use in my photo studio.

I use it with video as well and there is one on me in the video below, which is why my face may look a little reddish.

It could be the reflection off the table as well. I’m not sure, but anyways kind of looks like I have sunburn. LOL

So, these things are just fantastic.

They come with a blind on them as a general rule. And so you can direct the light whichever way you want so you can diffuse the light.

In the case of the video below, it’s off because I’m actually using a diffuser in my studio. But when I’m not using the diffuser, I put the blinds back on so I have more control of where the light goes.

A great thing about these little things, is that you have two battery packs that go into the back of the unit and you’ve also got a power supply.

So, you can use these things portably or you can use them when they’re plugged in for constant power.

Another thing to mention is that these things just don’t quit. These batteries, when they’re fully charged, go for quite some time.

Actually, the one that is on me in the video I think I’ve been using for probably four days and it’s still going.

You’ve also got a threeway on/off switch that allows you to switch between constant and battery power.

You also have brightness and bulb coloration knobs on the back so you can control the lumens and color temperature of the light.

I have also found that because the mounting hardware that somes with them fir my microphone stands, I did not need to purchase stands.

The flexibility and control of these studio lights, in combination with my diffusers, have made a huge difference in both my video and photo work.

Amazon link to this product in case you are interested: https://geni.us/fgK9

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