A Bright Solution for Your Studio: The Neewer 660 LED Studio Lights Review


Welcome back to another exciting episode of “Tech and Gadgets Reviewed!” In today’s episode, your host Tom dives deep into the world of Neewer 660 LED studio lights, specifically reviewing the highly acclaimed Neewer 660 model. This versatile lighting setup has caught the attention of many content creators and photographers due to its exceptional features. Join us as we explore the key highlights and benefits of these Neewer 660  LED studio lights!

Long-lasting Battery Life:

The Neewer 660 LED studio lights truly shine when it comes to battery life. Tom shares his personal experience, mentioning that the batteries have a long-lasting charge, providing consistent power for extended periods. In fact, he even reveals that he has been using one of these batteries for four days straight, and it’s still going strong! The device itself comes with two battery packs, symbolizing an extended battery life and ensuring uninterrupted usage during shoots.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Control:

One of the standout features of the Neewer 660 LED studio lights is the adjustable brightness control. The host explains that this control not only affects the intensity of the light but also allows users to change its coloration, enabling seamless adjustments for different shooting scenarios. Whether you require bright, vibrant light or a more subdued ambiance, these lights have got you covered. With the ability to dim the lights, achieving the perfect lighting setup is just a few clicks away.

Flexible Power Options of the Neewer 660 LED studio lights:

The Neewer 660 LED studio lights come equipped with multiple power options. Tom emphasizes that users can choose between battery packs or permanent power sources using the device’s power input. The on/off switch allows for seamless transitioning between power sources, providing a hassle-free experience. The host even highlights his experience using these lights in various settings, such as his kitchen table, for video shoots.

Versatility in Studio Setup:

Tom makes it clear that these LED studio lights are “totally awesome” when it comes to their versatility in studio setup. Being a content creator himself, he shares how he makes the most of these lights for both video and photography work. From using green screens to experimenting with different angles, the Neewer 660 affords users the creative freedom to capture stunning visuals. The speaker also describes his fascination with the blinds that come with the product, enabling precise light direction adjustments.

Adjustable Stands and Brightness:

The Neewer 660 LED studio lights are designed to meet the specific needs of each user. Tom highlights the adjustable stands, which allow for effortless positioning and angling. This feature enables users to achieve optimal lighting angles to capture their desired shots. Along with adjustable stands, Tom emphasizes the brightness control aspect, which further enhances the adaptability of the lights. Controlling the brightness ensures that the lighting perfectly complements the subject and the desired mood.

Personal Experience and Verdict:

As a proud owner of three Neewer 660 LED studio lights, Tom enthusiastically endorses these lights for their outstanding performance. He conveys his satisfaction with the lights, emphasizing how they have become an essential component of his photography and video studio. Tom approves of the lights’ adjustability, ease of use, and versatility, noting that they provide an exceptional solution for achieving professional-level lighting setups.


After diving deep into the world of LED studio lights with the Neewer 660, it’s evident that these lights pack a punch in terms of their features, flexibility, and performance. With long-lasting battery life, adjustable brightness and color control, and a variety of power options, these lights provide content creators and photographers with a reliable and adaptable lighting solution. If you’re looking for professional-grade LED studio lights to elevate your work, the Neewer 660 is definitely worth considering!

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