Light Weight Cook Stove Review – It’s awesome!

So, I’m going to review a light weight cook stove.

Believe it or not, it’s a pretty cool little device. I’ve used it, like everything I review, I will have used it.

It comes in a little package it’s not even as big as my finger.

So, what you do is you actually fold up the legs on it, making sure you pull down the metal loop that is used to regulate the gas.

Once you have the legs up, you can balance your pot on top of it and heat water or your dinner or whatever.

This thing weighs nothing, like, I mean, nothing at all. I think it weighs like maybe a few grams, it’s really nothing. It is a Light Weight Cook Stove!

It’s very small, and very compact.

How it works is you can get different size fuel containers, I have a small one and a big one. So depending on how long you’re going you’d decide on the size of canister and amount of fuel to take with you.

So you simply make sure that the regulator is closed and you screw it onto the top of the canister. And then once it’s screwed on there, you make sure that your legs are all set up properly and you’ve got it set up on top of everything and properly balanced.

Then you take a match and light it. Turn on the stove, touch the match to the gas and light it.

With the canister on the bottom, it becomes fairly stable and it’s a great little stove.

I used this for a seven day hike and I cooked everything on top of it, with my mess kit.

It is definitely ultra light.

You have to realize that, if you’re in the wind, if you’re in like rain, whatever it may be it’ll work, but you need to protect it because you need to balance your pots on top of it. With a wind howling or rain pouring down, there is no protection built into the stove. It is up to you to provide that.

But overall, would I recommend this Light Weight Cook Stove?

Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve used it a lot. It’s very light. It’s very compact, it’s very good to use.

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