Anker Power Core 10,000 mAh Awesome Power Bank Review

Today, I’m going to review the Anker Power Core 10,000 milliamp power bank.

The Anker Power Core 10,000 is quite a nice little unit. I actually love the little thing.

It’s very compact, very small, and it’s about the size of my hand. Comes in a nice little mesh bag, so it’s great for when you’re traveling around. Since it’s a see-through bag mesh bag, don’t count it being waterproof, because it’s not, but it definitely allows it to breathe.

I use this thing with my solar panels all the time, if I’m doing long treks.

It’s got a single charge port in the front and it’s got a USB power output. It also has button on the
side, that if you press you can see what the battery status is and to how charged up it is.

It weighs a little bit, but it’s not bad.  It also comes with a USB charging cable.

Nice thing about this thing is that it allows me to charge my phone up four or five times off of a full charge. So, when I’m actually out hiking,  trekking around, kayaking, doing whatever I’m doing, even just going and visiting friends maybe, I don’t have to take my solar panel with me. If it’s only going to be four or five days, that’s pretty good when I’m on the trail.

If I’m going more than four days, I’ll probably take either my solar panel or my BioLite camp stove 2, which allows me to charge this up as well.

I’ll actually review the BioLite later on. It’s really neat. Yeah. It’s really something else.

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