An honest review of the incredible Goal Zero Torch 250

All right, today I’m gonna review another Goal Zero product called the Goal Zero Torch 250.

Okay, it’s quite a neat little device.

Couple of things to note, once again, I do not review anything that I have not used and as you can see, this thing is quite used.

That also means that it’s quite rugged.

I’ve had this for probably, oh jeez, I’m gonna guess I’ve had this probably three to four years now, and it just keeps working. It’s really good.

Now, one of the selling features about this was that you can charge it up.

It’s a torch. It is what it says. It’s actually , it’s a light.

Okay. So now I’ll talk about the Goal Zero Torch 250 functionality.

First of all, it’s got a hanger so you can hang it in your tent if you want or your car or whatever you may want. So it’s nice that it just kind
of folds away in the side. It’s got a couple of them actually so you can hook it up different ways.

There’s buttons on the back, okay? These buttons actually turn it on.

There’s a USB charger port so you can charge up your devices using this and there is a lithium ion battery inside of it.

The actual buttons turn on different functionality within the device. The first button, when pressed, gives me the status of the battery and also turns on a little red beacon at the front, if I press it again, they start to blink, and if I press it again, they turn off as well as the battery status indicator.

The center button actually turns on the lights on the front. So if I press it once, it turns it on. If I press it twice, it gets dimmer and if I press it a third time, it turns it off.

So once on, twice dimmer, three off.

So now the third button is actually for the torch functionality.  One on, two is dimmer, three is off. Same thing as the other buttons.

Now the other thing that’s really nice about this is that it’s got a built-in solar panel. So if you’re out camping somewhere, you can just leave this sitting in the sun and it’ll charge itself up.

One of the big reasons I bought it was because of the fact the crank functionality. You are supposed to be able to take the crank, and if there’s no sun, no other way of generating power, you can actually crank it up and generate power.

So if you look on the back of the unit, when I start to crank it, you’re gonna see that the blue lights come on to tell you that it’s actually generating power.

Another thing to mention is that you can charge it on your own by plugging in the USB cable attached on the side into wall out let when you are at home. That way, it’s fully charged when you head out on the trail or a camp or wherever.

Is the Goal Zero Torch 250 a good device?

Yes, it is. It’s got a lot of functionality. The solar panel takes quite a while to charge up the battery pack. The hand crank, well it takes forever. But the reality behind it is that that is a last resort thing anyways.

So if you’re stuck somewhere, the way I look at it with this thing is that if I’m going somewhere where there was a possibility I could get stranded or stuck or something, and I need to charge up my phone to get a hold of somebody, the worst case scenario is I can crank it up enough until I can get a charge in it. And then I can actually charge up my phone and call somebody. That’s worst case scenario. Normally I’d use the solar panel.

So, the other thing about it, and why I don’t use it a lot, quite honestly is it’s pretty bulky, and it weighs quite a bit. When I compare this to something like my Anker 10,000 milliamp power bank, which is only maybe the size of half my hand, yeah, it’s not the greatest.

Now I do like the fact that I can actually crank the Goal Zero Torch 250 up by hand. It takes a long time though, but that flexibility is there which means that this thing’s useful pretty much anywhere you go.

So, overall great device, great concept. But, for most of my hiking and kayaking and back country trips, I wouldn’t take it with me.

However, if I think I’m gonna go somewhere where there could be a problem, possibility of getting stranded and I need something that will work no matter what the conditions the are. Yeah, I would consider it.

I hope you enjoyed the review of the Goal Zero Torch 250 And if you think you can use it, get it. Here’s a link to the item on Amazon:


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